Located just 10 minutes from the Adelaide CBD, Sunnybrae Estate provides a rustic background and enchanting background for your wedding ceremony and/or reception.

Back in the 1880s, the estate was privately owned and used as farmland. The, the buildings have been respectfully and beautifully.

In the past couple have enjoyed grounds that are home to several beautiful buildings and majestic garden areas. The photo opportunities were plentiful. With a winery-feel setting, palm garden, rose garden, rustic brick walls, heritage buildings, gorgeous interiors and lush grass, it was a photographer’s dream.

The grounds are currently being refreshed, remodelled and revegetated to make the experience of using Sunnybrae as the venue to celebrate your marriage an even more magical experience.

There will be many options to use as backdrops for your marriage ceremony.

Updated photos of the venue will be provided once the landscape renovations have been completed.