A Memorial Service is a beautiful way of paying tribute to your Loved One and sharing their Life Story. 

A Memorial Service is similar to a funeral service in many ways. The main difference is that at a Memorial Service a framed portrait,  an urn, or a candle serve as the focal point

Having some sort of ceremony or opportunity to mourn the loss of a Loved One allows you to acknowledge the reality of the situation and serves as a good starting marker on the road to healing.  Many people find a Memorial Service is helpful in paying tribute to or commemorating the life of a a Loved One or Friend and plays an important part of the healing process.

While individual circumstances may determine the type of service that you choose, there is a universal need for a ceremony of some kind, formal or informal, grand or small.

A Memorial Service can be conducted at anytime. Traditionally it is a Mind Mass, on the anniversary of a death or in conjunction with the placement of ashes, 

Sadly, sometimes it is not possible for Family and Friends to attend the Funeral Service to say goodbye. A Memorial Service provides that opportunity. 

At Unique Ceremonies we pride ourselves in the delivery of personalised and meaningful Memorial Services. 

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