At Unique Ceremonies we believe that a good funeral is a meaningful one. A life is commemorated and celebrated, friends express their condolences, and a grieving family is comforted.


The Funeral Service can take many forms. There is no right or wrong way to do it. There can be music and readings, tears and laughter. At its conclusion, there is a general feeling that it was a fitting send off for your Loved One.

Unique Ceremonies will design and conduct a Funeral Service for your Loved One that is creative, individual and accordance with your beliefs, customs and ideas.



The process begins with a no obligation discussion of your thoughts about the Funeral Service, your Loved Ones spiritual beliefs and customs, what you would like said about your Loved One. and the involvement of others in the Funeral Service.

Unique Ceremonies encourages and specialises in the inclusion of children in the Funeral Service.



Unique Ceremonies has over 100 poems and readings for you to choose from. You may also choose prayers and bible readings, or other readings or rites specific to your religion and/or cultural beliefs.

Unique Ceremonies also has numerous Theme Ceremonies for you to consider. These include various Cultural Ceremonies and Pagan Ceremonies.  


There are many different types of eulogies. It can be a biography of your Loved One's journey retelling what they went through in their  life. It can highlight major points such as life achievements, significant moments, interactions with family members and friends and their views and opinions.  Another version is the Reader giving a personal reflection and sharing memories and experiences that occurred between the Reader and your Loved One.


Eulogies are usually written and delivered by a family member or a close family friend.  

Unique Ceremonies can assist with the preparation of the Eulogy if required.


Unique Ceremonies will draft a Funeral Service for your perusal and consideration before finalising the Funeral Service.

The draft Funeral Service  will be emailed to you. You will have unlimited consultation with your Celebrant via email and telephone as you make changes to the Funeral Service to make it truly Unique.



The Celebrant will contact your Funeral Director to ensure they are aware of the format of the Funeral Service and to highlight any specific requirements of the Service.



The Celebrant will arrive at the Funeral Service venue 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the Service to set up, greet your family and friends and cater for any last minute changes.


Your Loved Ones Funeral Service will be clearly printed in a Presentation Folder that your Celebrant will provide on the day. You will be presented with your Presentation Folder, as keep sake, at the end of the Service.